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To discover Feng Shui and Family Constellations
Invariable Milieu

How to be part of the human family, lead a life full of successful projects, enjoy it and be a useful link for others? A question that guides my life.


I first study at School for Hotel management and Tourism in Austria with the project to take over my mother’s Inn. But…. life sent me  to New York where I stayed a few years. Then, to Paris, Munich and Buenos Aires ... It just led me to the Chinese way of thinking.


I trained myself in Chinese disciplines. I became a therapist, certified by the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shanghai University in China in 1994.

I continue to train since then, without interruption with bright and competent people like Dominique Bouvard at the Lu Men School and Christophe Andreau of the SFI. Currently, I am honored to study with Dr. JM Eyssalet. Thank you to all of them. What a precious gift, what good luck, what an immense pleasure.


One evening at Tian Tai Shan, a monastery located at the foot of a sacred mountain, I discovered an exciting facet of Chinese dietetics. Cooking by following the movement of nature, imitating the functioning of the cosmos ... What a crazy and happy idea. I dug, searched, studied and discovered ...


Here we are, 25 years later. Enriched by love and friendship, the birth of children, life with its bright and less bright sides.


To eat what produces Energy and Vitality. What gives  spice to live. To cook because life is worth it, because we are worth it and because that is how to convey self-esteem, esteem for the others and respect for the living.


Feng Shui and Ba-Zi are one step closer to an attempt at global understanding. They teach me the importance of connection between the place, the right moment and health. I trained in FENG SHUI with great masters, Yes Lim, Master Joseph Yu and Gerard Timon.


With Family Constellations, I became sensitive to the underlying part of things, the one that is transmitted and weighs on our destiny , often without our knowledge. Thanks to my training with Bert and Marie-Sophie Hellinger, I measure the impact of transgenerational in our life choices, our trajectories or our wounds. I study the means of repairing what, untreated in the lineage, is transmitted from one generation to another.


Having reached a certain maturity, I am happy to transmit what is been given to me. I have known many people on my path who helped and supported me. Thank you to all of you.


Now it's up to me to talk about the Chinese way of thinking when it comes to health.


Welcome to my website.

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