The space which our belly occupies in our body is, in a way, the same as the one mankind occupies in the universe. It is a central place of exchange. A place where food must be turned into energy, blood and organic liquids. The quintessence that results must go up to the Lungs to get rich in oxygen and then pass  through the Heart in order to receive this iconic red color.


It is up to each of us to make our belly a happy belly, by carefully choosing our ingredients, by cooking with respect for the living, love for oneself and for those around us.


We offer different ways to do this by keeping in mind the Chinese motto: 100% of well-being = 70% of "good alimentation" + 30% of "pleasure"


We are what we eat and we have the choice: Welcome to Petit Ventre Heureux!



Learn how to cook with Traditional Chinese Medicine!

Culinary workshops

Learn to cook for your health according to the Chinese way of thinking, theoretical and practical courses throughout the year.

The ephemeral restaurant

Several times a year, Petit Ventre Heureux offers a unique menu to showcase the benefits of Chinese thought. You just pop in and try out the unique sensation of good food which makes you smile.

Emotional Freedom Technic Workshops

Emotional Freedom Technic Workshops to help you solve your eating disorders…

Cécile P.

Your book, I appreciate it enormously.

It is simple, beautiful, the recipes are no fuss and are within the reach of all.


Your course on nutrition was a revolution for me! It's so much easier when you understand how things work.


A little feedback on this day that I really appreciated a lot.

I found the course very interesting, even captivating.

Petit Ventre Heureux

A book full of tips and recipes to learn how to eat according to the seasons.

Petit Ventre Heureux
is expecting a Baby

A modern book to follow pregnancy with the  wisdom of the ancient, according to Chinese Medecine.

Petit Ventre Heureux in German
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